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Marketing communications and content strategy consultation

It’s a lovely dream: Small business digital marketing you can manage. But if you’re like most small business owners, you wear a lot of hats. You’re an accountant, a product developer and a sales rep. It’s very hard to be a marketing expert, too.

Digital marketing is difficult to learn and keep up with as there are constant changes in software and best practices. This is a specialty, a modern day “trade,” like an electrician.

I’ve never met a smart business owner who tries to fix the wiring in his building without calling a professional electrician.

Spark Plug Consulting is the specialist you can hire that has a bone-deep understanding of the constraints you operate under. Our goal is to guide you through website, enewsletter and content marketing projects so you learn as you go. We’ll point out what’s doable for you and not, what provides business value for your company and not.

Our unique small business digital marketing 

Our goal is to work with your team, get some hands-on work done and coach you to help everyone to expand your company’s capacity to market your value. Key benefits of working with Spark Plug Consulting include:

  • Choosing a digital marketing strategy that’s unique and doable for your business.
  • Learning how to do what we do, developing new habits, and tracking results.
  • Staying informed about our billable hours so you avoid sticker shock.
  • Venturing out on your own with our back up when you need it.

Like electricians, we take on master and apprentice roles. We teach you about marketing communications so you gain confidence. You teach us about your business, customers and passion. We learn and produce results together.

Spark Plug Consulting offers a variety of marketing communications and content strategy services. You’re marketing will become clear and consistent with our hands-on help.

Big picture thinking and planning

  • Develop a marketing communications and content strategy that supports your business goals.
  • Manage website redesign projects and ensure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Manage the content team’s workflow using an editorial calendar and regular verbal check-ins.
  • Design training using adult learning principles and measurable outcomes.
  • Train leaders and staff to communicate effectively.
  • Handle media relations that positively position you and your company as experts.
  • Provide coaching on crisis communications that helps you think and communicate clearly.

Marketing communications hands-on work

  • Produce feature stories, and web and technical content.
  • Curate digital and print content.
  • Interview subject matter experts.
  • Produce practical editorial policies.
  • Produce flawless webinars and podcasts.

I typically charge in the range of $75 an hour for most tactical work and up to $125 an hour for big picture thinking and planning.

Most times, the client work I do requires both strategic and tactical work, especially because your team is incomplete or swamped with other work.

You can save money by working with me on an overall project cost that we’ll put in writing.

If the project scope changes, we’ll talk over how the agreement needs to change so there are no unpleasant surprises.

I can pull in additional expertise like graphic designers, photographers, web developers and SEO experts.

Please contact me for a no-obligation conversation to see if Spark Plug Consulting can meet your needs.