For several years, I produced a quarterly print newsletter for an association that focused on events, legislation and so on. But when the organization decided to promote a member product (concrete), we added a new audience for the newsletter: Cities.

Our strategy was to position members as experts who city engineers and councils could turn to for answers about concrete streets; the print newsletter was one tactic to fulfill on the strategy.

The newsletter budget was tight so refocusing the newsletter to include cities made economic sense; we added some 3,600 names to the mailing list. Using feedback from members about actual problems cities have had with concrete, we addressed a key topic in each issue.

From a marketing perspective, this approach shifted the newsletter content away from talking about the organization to providing value – something helpful – for cities that members appreciated.

When a newsletter addresses what your audience wants to know, it positions you as resource and someone they’ll want to work with.

In this example, colored concrete is the primary topic. I knew nothing about it but interviewed two members who helped me come up with a readable, pertinent article for cities.

Download this four-page newsletter.