Association and small business videos should be a part of your communications toolbox, but you have to be thoughtful and prepared. The key is to know how a video will be used. Ask yourself, “As a result of this video, what do we want viewers to know or do?”

In one of three association videos, a client enlisted math teachers to encourage other math teachers to include a MATHCOUNTS program in their schools. We believed nothing would be as effective as having coaches – real people – share with their colleagues about why they think the program is great. The teacher in this video example practiced beforehand using suggestions from me. He’s relaxed, believable and obviously passionate about the program.

In your association videos, remember to include a call to action near the end of the video, like “Go to our website” or “Join today.”

Here’s another blog post to help you think about a video you might do. I have a videographer I like to use who’s talented and affordable.

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