Small business digital marketing you can manage

It’s a lovely dream: Small business digital marketing you can manage. But if you’re like most small business owners and association managers, you wear a lot of hats. You’re an accountant, a human resource manager, a product developer, a sales rep, and more.

Yet a digital marketing manager hat rarely fits. It’s difficult to learn and keep up to date with websites, enewsletters, and digital marketing without burning through precious time and money. It’s a specialty, a modern day “trade,” like an electrician.

I’ve never met a smart business owner who tries to fix the wiring in his building without calling a professional electrician.

Spark Plug Consulting is the specialist you can hire that has a bone-deep understanding of the constraints you operate under. Our goal is to guide you through website, enewsletter and content marketing projects so you learn as you go. We point out what’s doable and not, what provides business value and not. And we keep projects moving forward as you meet your day to day obligations.

Our unique small business digital marketing 

Our goal is to work with your team, get some hands-on work done, and coach you to help you expand your capacity to market your organization. Key benefits of working with Spark Plug Consulting:

  • Choosing a digital marketing strategy that’s unique and doable for your business
  • Learning how to do what we do, developing new habits, and tracking results
  • Staying informed about our billable hours so you avoid sticker shock
  • Venturing out on your own with our back up when needed.

Like electricians, we take on master and apprentice roles. We teach you about digital marketing so you gain confidence. And as usually happens, the apprentice teaches the master – you teach us about your business, your customers, and your passion. We learn and produce results together.

Contact Renee McGivern¬†to talk about what you think you need, and she’ll tell you whether she can help. You’ve got nothing to lose.